Mattermost – A Channel for every Conversation

As the business sectors expand and development continues to grow, internal collaboration becomes very essential from companies perspective to improve performance, communication and team coordination with simplified communication channels. This lead to the designing of efficient messaging services like mattermost, , slack for well-organized enterprise communication and collaboration.

Small Overview about Slack and Mattermost

Well, Slacks is a collaboration hub that bonds the communication between your organizations to all the people you wish to connect. When you have a work flow, you should have slack to share the information and to get your things done.  In a nut shell, slack is a cloud based workstream collaboration tool to make team communication fast and easy.

Founded by Stewart Butterfield, the popular corporate friendly chat client is a single place for messaging tools and files. Perhaps, a channel for every conversation. As the business world continue to grow, effective communication is very crucial because hundreds of people who are coordinating with the stake holders has to be kept informed about the happenings and the current status.

workstream collaboration

Apparently, slack streamline all your work with their integrated tool like bringing your client and vendors to the same room, screen sharing, voice and video call facilities, sharing of files, media or images and many more.

Mattermost was designed as an alternative to Slack, an open-source messaging system which was designed with more advanced features in addition to the Slack’s popular features and compatible web hooks. One of the main advantages of mattermost is, you can host it for free. It is a very easy to use app that requires simple installation process.

Summing it up

Effective communications and tangible results are the main objective for every business entrepreneur. If this could be done more efficiently with simplest communication channel, why show delays in trying this emerging technology.