Getting Original Research Work Written by External Source Is Unethical Practice

Education in the past was real academic ability of people. Students used to join field of study for their higher education in which they actually acquired a knowledge at undergraduate level. Research studies were also conducted by the students who really had interest in the field of research and had vast knowledge about the topic of interest. This was dedication for academic research which is hardly seen in the present time. There is a race among students to hold an advanced degree sometimes unmatched with academic ability but who cares. This has become boon for online professional writing services like order-papers that provide tailor-made research paper to the students to finish their research and acquire an advance degree.


Selling or buying original research writing is illegal

What is rationale of buying research paper? The students buy research papers to submit quality work beyond ability to their mentor or advisor and writing service is operating this business to make profits. They get this work done from freelance writers by paying less price than what they charge from you. The key question is whether selling and buying paper in this way is legal or illegal. The student is always awarded degree on the basis of his original research work and it is presumed that research papers submitted by the student pertain to his or her original research work. To order papers is against ethics that a research student is supposed to follow. Similarly, writing service has no right to write academic paper for the student on the basis of which his advanced degree will be decided. So, it is illegal to sell the paper from the perspective of writing service.


It is unethical practice to write and sell someone’s research paper and it is unethical for the researcher to get his original research prepared from some external source. This is against academic standards that a student is supposed to meet to get his or her advanced degree.